Solving Problems

A Healthy HomeIf bleach is 99.9% effective,
what is 99.99999% with Decon Five?

(That's a One million increased Germ-killing power)

  • Odor Removal for Any and All Bad Odors
    • Smoke odors
    • Curry and cooking odors
    • Pet odors
    • Car, Truck, Boat, & Travel Trailer Odors and Sanitizing
  • ​Mold and Mildew Treatment
  • Post-Flood and Post-Fire Odor Removal
  • Allergy Abatement 
  • MCS Relief by Neutralizing VOCs, TICs. and Chemical Residue
  • Real Estate Odor Removal and Sanitizing
  • Apartment Turnovers
  • Restaurant Decon, Odor Elimination
  • Restaurant Sanitizing & Odor Removal
  • Infection Control for Office, School, or Day Care
  • Animal Shelters, Pet Day Care or Boarding, Veterinarian Sanitizing
  • Office building, Theaters, Workplace Odors and Infection Control

OMG SanitizingFacility Awards for Excellence in Cleaning

For our faithful customers who regularly treat their facility with Decon Five, we offer the Germ Guard certification.  This shows your commitment to a safe operation that is diligent to prevent infectious diseases, toxic pollution, and mold problems.  

To earn this certificate and seal, the facility adds the Decon Five treatment to their diligent cleaning efforts.

Decon Five offers a 99.99999% sanitizing program with our "No Touch" treatment that will not cross-contaminate the key areas of the facility.  Our treatment improves indoor air quality by reducing allergens and ambient toxins, killing dangerous infectious threats, and even kills mold, fungi, and algae.