Restaurant Odors and Germs

The restaurant business is about more than good food.  A lot of thought goes into the experience and enjoyment that brings customers back with their friends.  A good reputation is hard to build and easy to destroy.  So, little things and customer issues need to be addressed early and proactively.

Odd odors, a mold smell, or a foodborne illness can start a firestorm on social media.  Restaurateurs have a love/hate relationship with Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Once bad news gets out, the loss of business can be immediate and enduring.  By working with OMG Sanitized, there is a serious process to prevent the problems that can stop a problem before it happens.  

The secret is in the All-in-One solution that is applied to every square inch of the facility.  Even, the hard-to-reach areas.  OMG Sanitized professional applicators us cutting edge electrostatic sprayers to treat the entire facility in about an hour.  Since is is a No Touch process, we cover bathrooms, bars, back rooms, and food service areas with no cross-contamination.  There is no lingering smell or toxic chemical residue like so many sanitizing products.  We ask that your cleaning crew perform their cleaning shortly after we treat the building.  That can be done the next morning, or as arranged.

Mold and mildew are constant and insidious issues.  The OMG Sanitized process kills mold and mildew on contact.

Our process eliminates all types of odors.  In fact, our process neutralizes toxic chemical residue left by other cleaning products.  Essentially, this is what we call a "Detoxification" since we are treating nearly all problems and contaminants in the building.  Afterward, your facility is as neutral as it will ever be.  

OMG Sanitized is not a cleaning service.  We work with your cleaning staff to provide the Safety Net that daily cleaning does not solve.