Seal of a Healthy and Safe buildingOMG Sanitized
Mark Tipton (815) 272-1653
Offering an amazing All-in-One process that removes odors, kills mold, sanitizes, and detoxifies your building.  This is the "Safety Net" for your regular cleaning program that still lacks the ability to provide a healthy building and the safety your customers deserve.

When your company partners with the OMG Sanitized program, it can earn the OMG Sanitized seal for healthy and sanitized buildings.

Meet-Up with Mark Tipton in your area.  At this time, we are interviewing for primary affiliate locations in major cites.  We are looking for established service companies to adopt the OMG Sanitized program, and share in an aggressive marketing campaign in your city.  We do limit the geographic areas to protect the business of our network service providers.  So, get connected while your area is still wide open.